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Stewarton the bonnet toun

Welcome to Stewarton, Ayrshire Scotland

Bonnet Town aerial view
Also Known Locally as the : The Bonnet Toun

This short Verse was taken from the 1934 Bonnet Guild Festival Guide From and old song written 1859

The Stewarton Bonnet

Noo as lang as oor bonnels are worn by us a'
We shall ne'er lei lhe pride o' our aold bonnets fa',
While we've heids tae baud up, may our molto aye. be,
" 0, the Stewarton bonnet's the bonnet for me."
0, cover our heid wi' a bonnet o' blue,
A bonnie blue bonnet o' quiet haimert woo,
Than oor ain Scottish bonnet nae brawer can bea
0, the Stewarton bonnet's the bonnet for me.
  Balmoral Bonnet made in Stewaton

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